Gdańsk, Tzcew, Iława - Blu-Ray/DVD

Gdańsk, Tzcew, Iława - Blu-Ray/DVD

Hello and welcome to Poland with Ticket to Ride.

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Gdańsk, Tzcew, Iława

Hello and welcome to Poland with Ticket to Ride.. Today we are travelling with PKP InterCity from Gdansk on the Baltic coast to the capital Warsaw. This film covers the first section from Gdansk to Iława, a market town of 37,000. Our train is TLK 53106 which started from Gdynia at 06.19. The time is now 07.00 and we are running into Gdansk main station. The run to Iława will take just over two hours. Head end power is provided by an EP07, a locomotive with a very British outline. She is hauling a rake of six PKP IC coaches including a WARS restaurant car. This is the third busiest passenger corridor on the network but it’s the busiest route for the movement of oil products thanks to the LOTOS refinery at Gdansk. Sit back and enjoy. Filmed in HD Narrated. RT 120mins Format BD R

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