German Railways part 9 Saxony- Leipzig


Welcome to Saxony and especially to ‘Hyperzig’ the boom town – Leipzig.


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German Railways part 9 Saxony- Leipzig

Welcome to Saxony and especially to ‘Hyperzig’ the boom town – Leipzig. This city of the east has always had a foot in the western camp because of its exhibition centre, and it played a significant part in the fall of East German Communism. A lot has changed since unification – especially in terms of transport infrastructure. The Hauptbahnhof has been rebuilt, as have the approaches, and new stations have been built to serve the Messe and the airport. An NBS now enters the station from the west but most importantly a tunnel – Leipzig City Tunnel – has been built from the Hbf to and beyond the former Bayerischer Bahnhof to the south of town. The new stations are 20+ metres below ground level and are used by 6 out of 7 S-Bahn Mitteldeutschland lines. Leipzig is a busy centre for freight, based on a yard to the northeast at Engelsdorf alongside the line to Dresden. We spend time at the yard before looking at the two automotive manufacturing companies in the city- BMW and Porsche. Beyond Leipzig we visit Delitzsch, Bitterfeld (once the most polluted city in Germany, now the centre of pharmaceutical production) Eilenberg, Torgau on the Elbe where Russian and US forces met at the end of WW2, Falkenberg, where BLG Logistics have taken over a DB Netz marshalling yard to create an automotive distribution hub and conclude at Riesa on the banks of the Elbe. Narrated filmed in HD. RT 80 MINS

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