Switzerland from the air part 1 Gotthard north ramp


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Switzerland from the air part 1 Gotthard north ramp

The Gotthard mountain railway is probably the best loved of all the mountain crossings in Europe. With dramatic spiral tunnels and gorgeous Alpine scenery it has everything going for it! By the last quarter of 2016 the central section will be replaced (for most traffic) by a high-tech base tunnel which commercially will be very advantageous to the railway operators, but a loss to those of us who enjoyed the view of heavy trains crossing the Alps. This film was made during the last month of normal operation and new technology has allowed us to film the crossing from the air – giving viewing positions never seen before!  It covers the northern approaches from Rotkreuz and Brunnen through Erstfeld and Wassen to the then summit at Göschenen. RT 73 mins narrated  ©FHP 2016

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